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1968 Vietnam scene

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This model was picked up at Telford last year and I found the WW2 jeep in the loft ( yes it is WW2 and Vietnam but as a good Yorkshireman, a bit of mud and slop and you will not notice the difference) 
The book is the Osprey Campaign Series "Tet Offensive 1968"  and the jeep will be placed in a street scene with the Vietcong firing from a building, well that is the plan at the moment, it may change.

Most of the work on putting this model together was done at "Playday 2 - Return of the Nerds"   All have been primed and next job some colour on the bits and bobs.

All 5 figures now sorted and ready to be cleaned up and fastened together.

Wheels now added and some colour to the jeep

Base made and a start made on the walls of the house.


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