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Expo Modellers Paint Remover 50ml
« on: November 14, 2023, 07:59:13 PM »
Hi All,

Just like to share with you a product that I have come across and have used.

It is Expo Paint Remover 50ml. I bought it from Follymodels on Ebay.

It is a gel type product, applied by brush. It is Water Based, No Fumes, No skin Burns, No VOC's according to the packaging. I must agree that it does not smell, easy to use, brushes clean out in water, and it hasn't burnt me.

Apply it by brush, leave it a short while, (pack says an hour) then scrub the plastic surface and the paint comes away. I have used a stiff brush after about 15 mins, then a quick dip in some warm water and it really moves the paint. I have used it on both Acrylic and oil based (Humbrol) paint and works on both equally well.

Note:- be careful in your application that it does not find itself on a painted surface you DON'T want stripping because it works. Guess who found out the hard way despite thinking he had masked sufficiently.

Price at time of purchase ?4.99 plus postage.

A good one to have in your modelling box, if you need to repaint something, renew the paint job without too much hassle


I hope my next is always better