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German WWII Projected Atomic Bombs

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I bought this set of weapons some time ago with the intention of building them as the occaission arose, the small Uranium bomb will go with the recent Me. P 1100 build. Made by Antares it consists of four resin bomb bodies plus some smaller pieces for fuses, plastic card fins which have to be cut out and a length of wire.
A little background to them as per the insert. By the end of WWII Germany had reached some success in developing nuclear weapons but due to various factors ranging from wrong decisions by it's leaders, inside quarrelling and sabotage the weapons were never used in anger. Four main types were to be develpoed: A small Uranium bomb 'Kleiner Behalter', with and without parachute, SA 4000 isotopic radioactive load with conventional explosives or 'other' substances, the 4 tonne Uranium 'Grosser Behalter and the 4.5 tonne 'Innsbruch' Uranium bomb.
Kora released resin kits of the 4 and 4.5 tonne bombs complete with trailers in the past and these will be used as reference for building my own trailers.

Bombs away Chris - will it be in a diorama ?????


--- Quote from: MSea on August 10, 2021, 03:48:14 PM ---Bombs away Chris - will it be in a diorama ?????

--- End quote ---

Knowing Chris,

His latest build will be used in conjunction with this, to tell a 'PROBABLE' different history.


Fins cut out and fitted to two of the bombs with the fuse also fitted to the 4.5 tonne. All primed and painting started. Inbetween I've started building the trailers. The wheels were made some 30 plus years ago whilst I had some 'spare time' on the night shift during my first attempts at making and using moulds. I've started to clean them up and drill holes for the axles in the rear. Compared to our experts in the Club this is Sunday League Football but I've enjoyed working things out.

Real modelling Chris - looking good.


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