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1/35 mine with narrow gauge railway.

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1/35 mine with narrow gauge railway.

The ore will be delivered from the working face using a narrow gauge railway.
1/35 scale equates to 8.709 mm = 1 ft.

I will use track with a gauge of 16.5 mm and so this will be just about 2 ft gauge.

I purchased some V skip trucks to carry the ore.

These are resin with some metal parts.

As you can see they are not very complicated and go together well, I have three to build.
I hope to have some sort of mechanism whereby they are discharged into the truck.

One built, I will take it apart to paint.

Looking good - have you decided what type of mine it will be yet ??????

Heavy Metal probably.
I have a liking for Tungsten, I can then use Wolfram somewhere, but things may change.

I did think about uranium as well.


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