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Its not my fault - blame Chris.  He mentioned about the Roman army using pigs in battle, so that got me looking and finding out about the use/possible use of this ( will not go into details as I know some of the group are a little bit squeamish - hoho )
Now how does this get me onto the next model I can hear some of you say - well when I was young, one of the poems my dad used to tell me was about Horatius the Roman soldier, on the bridge fighting the Etrustcan army, and you know Chris always asks if any zombies in my new projects.
So when reading an article in the new Fantasy Figures International magazine I liked the post apocalypse era  one showing a person in a gas mask with 2 children in masks and sussing out a shopping centre. Decided to blend the poem and the article and use figures I already have - so it will be a shopping centre with the steps filled with rubbish and 3 people guarding them, to stop zombies ( so Chris will be happy ) from gaining access to the upper level. So upper level reasonable clean and tidy with the lower level trashed, also I can start making the things for the lower level and blockading object on the stairs as I am working on the other models I have going at the moment.  Things to scratch build broken into and empty vending machines, step ladders, supermarket trolleys, crash barriers, sack barrows and anything else that comes to mind - suggestions always welcome. Also Horatius was nicknamed Cyclops because he had lost an eye in battle so must remember to give one of the figures an eye patch.

Modelling Projects / Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik
« on: August 22, 2020, 02:18:42 PM »
As my back is bad at the moment and not getting a lot of modelling done, decided to do the planning for the next model.
Get the smelling salts out for Kevin - its a plane, but don't get your hopes up. 
It will be done well after the war and in either a Russian scrap yard or outdoor storage area at a museum.  John will be happy, lots of RUST on the central armoured section and faded paint on the aluminium wings and body, engine bay empty and pilots area damaged and full of rust - thats the plan at the moment.  If it ends up in a scrap yard will remove part of the wings so will have to sort out what the internal wing construction would look like - that should keep me happy and quiet for a few hours.

General Discussion / A new first for the club.
« on: August 06, 2020, 01:43:42 PM »
We have had a committee meeting at last, not only was it the first for some time, its the only one I have been involved in that has been held in a roadside  lay-by.

Modelling Projects / Respect for the fallen - KV2 after WW2
« on: August 04, 2020, 09:49:13 AM »
Looking in the loft for the next parts I need to work on the Varyag ( don't shout at me Haddock, it is being worked on ) and found this Tamiya KV2 tank.
John will be happy, it is going to be placed in a ditch and very very well rusted. Some of the parts like tow cable, machine gun etc will be removed and then on with the rusting. A couple of figures from the MiniArt Soviet villagers will be placed in the diorama alongside an old grave from when the tank was destroyed, hence the title "Respect for the Fallen"

General Discussion / I have proof
« on: July 24, 2020, 07:23:11 PM »
Just had a day out at Sledmere Gardens - very good well sorted so nobody was close and everybody in he shop had masks on.
Just to prove some of what you have said about me is wrong look at the wrist band - hohohohohoho.
Expect this will give some people like Zak and others a chance for some good comments !!!!!!!

Modelling Projects / Benjamin Fawcett Pub
« on: July 10, 2020, 03:23:21 PM »
This will be the next model under construction.  Got this from Model Hobbies when I got  Andy the Stormtrooper and have been waiting for the Green Stuff World colourshift metal paints.
Had a trip to Brid with "she who must be obeyed" for a walk and some ozone, and YES it did rain before you ask, popped into Mighty Lancer and picked up the paint and had a chat with Nathan.  The models are a human, a robot and an android - they will be made straight from the box, trying the new paint on the android and the robot. Will also make a bar  for them all to go in, will get on with this a I am finishing the other models under construction, so may be a slow build.

Modelling Projects / Andy Galactic Stormtrooper
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:39:10 AM »
Box from Model Hobbies just arrived - excellent cost and delivery time, so will definitely use them again.
This figure is a Master Box  1/24 scale, and is part of a set of 6 kits that can be placed together to form a bar scene like the bar in the first Star Wars film. 
This will NOT be done like that but will be placed in a situation with scratch built damaged road blocks for him to be peering round.

General Discussion / Models on the table 10/6/20 on line only
« on: June 10, 2020, 10:14:28 AM »
Another month without a meeting but at least we are all safe and well - I hope

The 2 models I would have brought are first  the Tamiya M3 Lee tank converted to have bar armour fitted and placed at a road block in Africa. The figures are some of the Trumpeter "African Freedom Fighters" set and all are in 1/35 scale. The shade hut and bits and bobs such as the fridge, table etc are all scratch built.  The model still needs some bar armour on the front of the tankand the road and figure causing the commotion to be done.
The second photo shows a Dragon Russian JSU122 tank destroyer slightly - hohohoho - converted to have the gun removed and it will end up with an open fighting compartment with machine guns inside. The row of shops in the background are again scratch built and will be boarded up and covered with graffiti.
Both these models are on the web site alongside many other much better models - so if you wish to look and see how they have been produced - you know what to do - look at the web site.

Modelling Projects / The zombies are out again
« on: May 31, 2020, 02:01:49 PM »
Decided after looking through the built stash this was redundant, so will remove the gun and  gun compartment and make an open box with some armament from the MinArt set of machine guns I got from Mighty Lancer last time he was open ( that seems about 3 years ago )
This will be another UAZA machine with lots of zombies ( just to keep Chris happy) and buildings and rubbish around - so on with the scratch building

Modelling Projects / M3 Lee at an African road block
« on: May 11, 2020, 01:11:34 PM »
Well the next project is an old model from the stash that got put together and never painted - amazing what you find under lockdown rules.
Decided to update the WW2 tank to a converted one as a guard at a road block, will add some bar-armour to protect it against RPG rounds and put it in situ at a road block some were in Africa. Got Nathan at Mighty Lancer to get me the Trumpeter "African Freedom Fighters" in 1/35 scale to go with the tank. Before you ask Chris - NO ZOMBIES at the moment, but don't hold your breath.
Will put the tank under an awning of leaves for shade with table,chairs and a fridge next to it and have the people getting to their feet as somebody approaches the barrier. Having worked/been in Africa a lot during the 1970 and 1980 era, have had to go through many such road blocks  so it will bring back many happy memories ??

General Discussion / Models on the table 13/05/2020 -- on line only
« on: May 09, 2020, 08:27:09 PM »
Another month and still not able to meet and show what we have done, and maybe a few more without meeting up to go. 
But it is great to see new members on the web site and we are able to see the things they are doing, or in Dave's case the hundreds of things he is doing. 
This is the same model as I put up last month but some things have been improved. All figures now finished and the Piaggio van and washing machine ( all scratch built ) added to the base, also lots of tins/bottles/packaging now added.
The zombie shark now has bits from Stingray and Captain Pugwash to keep him company.

Modelling Projects / Zombie Shark
« on: April 11, 2020, 04:17:30 PM »
Got this on line from Mighty Lancer - rang him a couple of days ago and it has arrived today -- thanks Nathan. 
The other 2 photos show the bits and bobs I have cut out of MDF, metal, acrylic and an old wardrobe door to make the shark house, to keep the zombie shark from attacking you lot next time we can have a meeting.

General Discussion / Models on the table - 8/4/2020 - on line only
« on: April 07, 2020, 03:44:53 PM »
In these strange times we can't meet and show our models, but we can post on line what we would have brought to the meeting.
Just look on the bright side - no talk from the top table, no bad jokes from me and also NO powerpoints to bore you rigid - hohoho.

I would have brought 3 models first is the zombie "out of the frying pan and into the fire"  in 1/35 scale, all the building and the Piaggio van are scratch built
Second one is some more work done on the Russian cruiser Varyag in 1/350 scale
Third is the next installment of the Reaper Mini models of the club committee members, at least I got Kevin in a good mood by the face - I think I will get a clip when we can be less than 2m apart - hohoho.

What would you have brought and any comments/questions about the models seen on this web site string, Don't forget if you look on the web site you can see most models under construction.

General Discussion / Thank you to the carpet monster
« on: April 02, 2020, 10:07:09 AM »
Yes thank you to the carpet monster - lost the small part in the first photo.
Spent ages looking on the carpet for the bit, ended up sorting and cleaning the workbench and eventually found it on the bench.. So a little bit more tidy in my room now.  HoHoHo but that is not what I have been saying

General Discussion / Carers on the 26th March
« on: March 23, 2020, 12:19:29 PM »
Just got this from a friend who's son is a doctor in London.
Also made me think about all our members past and present working on the front line.

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